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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions


• Marjorie Drive & Lower Mountain Road, Sabrina Laughton; Eric Laughton to Stephanie K. Laughton, $189,000.

• 4981 Ridge Road, Joel France; Michael L. France Jr. to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $96,368.


• 3845 North Hartland St., State of New York Mortgage Agency to Thomas Hausrath, $45,000.


• 9th St., Luther G. Anderson to William N. Sauer; April A. Sauer, $213,900.


• Willow St. & Nicholls St., TGS Properties to Eastern Property Holdings, $555,000.

• High St. & Locust St., Jacob Arnold to Michael Dejohn; Jillian M. Dejohn, $132,000.

• Jefferson Drive, Michelle Fernandez; Higinio Fernandez to Bethany A. Westphal; Konstantin V. Klimuk, $95,000.

• Willow St. & Pine St., Rita J. Haley; David R. Haley to John E. Jemola, $87,800.

• Cherry St., Marjorie L. Kenney; Lila M. Fogle to Amy J. Schwartz, $74,400.

• Lewis St., Deborah A. Strickland; Patricia A. Patterson to Laurie L. Wesolowski; James A. Wesolowski, $30,000.


• Carleton Lake Drive, C. Sanderson Robert Jr.; Robert C. Sanderson to Charlene Curr; Daniel Curr, $186,000.

• 5212A Magnolia Drive, Susan M. Morrison-Klinetob; Gerald L. Morrison; Susan M. Morrison to Florence T. Smith; Barton G. Smith, $159,000.

• Bartz Road, Patricia Rusek; Randolph H. Rusek; Patricia M. Rusek to John Michael Luby, $115,000.


• Lockport-Olcott Road, Sue Ann Fuller to Keith W. Jaworski; Allison E. Jaworski, $139,000.

• Caledonia St., Jeremy M. Stopa to Andrew Niver, $96,000.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $91,960 Average price: $50,733 Median price: $41,500 Number of Sales: 8

• 826 Chilton Ave., DHGF Llc to Jack Schuett; Horizon Trust Co., $91,960.

• Pierce Ave., Guy Goss; John F. Pero to Kacy Lynn Carbone; Andrew S. Harrison, $66,900.

• 17th St., Luz M. Parker to Denise Spillman; Wilfred Spillman, $60,000.

• Orleans Ave., Brenda K. DeGregorio to Sharon R. Lascelle; Henry C. Lascelle, $43,000.

• 26th St., Donald R. King; Barbara P. King to Frank J. Vaccaro, $40,000.

• 611 25th St., James J. Faso Jr. to Xiao Qing Wang; Linda Wai Ming Li, $40,000.

• Pine Ave. & 29th St., Xiao Ling Chan to Sahota International, $40,000.

• Niagara Ave., Rebecca R. Rowe; Rebecca R. Linderman to Dora Properties, $24,000.

NORTH TONAWANDA Highest price: $208,000 Average price: $117,837 Median price: $114,150 Number of Sales: 8

• Thomas Fox Drive East, Maryann A. Mercer; Curtis C. Mercer to Shannon L. Sabo; John E. Sabo, $208,000.

• Wurlitzer Drive, Nancy Prescott Smith; Samuel P. Smith to Renee E. Smith; Patrick W. Smith, $159,900.

• Bryant St., Mark H. Haacker; Annette J. Haacker to Adriene Aviles; Jaime A. Aviles, $125,000.

• 62 Chipman Place, Amy J. Pasiak; Brian D. Kosikowski to Bank of America, $122,300.

• Chipman Place, Peter J. Reibel; Angela G. Reibel to Darren A. Cooke, $106,000.

• Witmer Road, Daniel F. Carlson to Laura Jones, $91,500.

• Weaver Parkway, Catherine J. Martin; Patricia M. Doane to Karen J. Nocera; Carl D. Nocera, $75,000.

• Roger Ave. & Adelaide Place, Roger D. Stahlman; Barbara S. Stahlman to Penny Czerwinski; Bradley Czerwinski, $55,000.


• Lockport St., Patricia Schrack; Robert I. Schrack Jr. to Youngstown Properties, $259,500.

• 585 East Oak Terrace, Janice R. Sargent to M&T Bank, $137,194.

• 466 Westwood Ave., Renee Ellsworth; David L. Ellsworth to Srmof II Reo 2013-1 Trust, $95,000.


• Mann Road, Paula M. Mumm; David J. Krause to William J. Choate; Jill A. Choate, $190,000.

• 7717 Rochester Road, Diana L. Schafer to M&T Bank, $74,538.

• Wolcottsville Road, Linda A. Sy; Donald W. Sy to Dawn M. Rehwaldt; Floyd G. Rehwaldt Jr., $65,000.


• Ward Road, Matthew Ziemendorf; Amanda Ziemendorf to Stuart P. Newman; Lisa M. Newman, $160,000.

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