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Bans and Prohibitions

By Sam Magavern

Don’t eat too much frozen custard.

Don’t spend all your money at the Fair.

Don’t hang around the Freaks Tent too

long, lest they try to induct you.

Don’t ride rides that make you sick.

Don’t fall in love with every passer-by

and long to hear the Compleat Story

Of Their Lives.

Don’t pet the prize animals; they

always have bad tempers.

Don’t play silly games and lose all

your quarters.

Don’t say “yes” when the Guess-Your-

Weight Man asks if you’d like to see

his poetry.

Don’t surrender to Life’s Tawdry Beauty.

Poet SAM MAGAVERN and artist Monica Angle will celebrate the release of their new collaborative book “Noah’s Ark” (BlazeVOX Books) with two book launch events beginning at 7 p.m. this Wednesday and June 11 at PAUSA Art House, 19 Wadsworth St. The book combines 48 poems by Magavern, written over the course of a year, with 24 watercolors by Angle, inspired by sites along the Missouri River in Nebraska. Magavern, a writer and public interest lawyer who teaches at the University at Buffalo Law School, serves as co-director of the Partnership for the Public Good. His most recent nonfiction book is “Primo Levi’s Universe: a Writer’s Journey” (Palgrave Macmillan, 2009).

Poetry Submissions: The poems printed in the GustoSunday section of The Buffalo News are selected by R.D. Pohl. Poems should be sent to: R.D. Pohl, P.O. Box 641, Buffalo, N.Y. 14225

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