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It’s one of those opinionated days

This is what I’m thinking:

• When I left The Buffalo News, I started an independent blog that was inspired by a Facebook debate with former Channel 4 anchor Lisa Flynn about the 2010 season finale of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

She thought it was the best finale ever, I hated it. That led to her suggestion that I start a blog.

I haven’t watched much of “Grey’s” since then. But I caught this season’s finale a few weeks ago and am a little surprised I haven’t heard much dialogue about Meredith’s (Ellen Pompeo) last-minute decision to tell husband Derek (Patrick Dempsey) that she wasn’t going to take the kids and move from Seattle to Washington, D.C., with him when he takes a big job there.

Their argument seemed to be inspired by a departing speech Meredith received from her good friend Cristana Yang (Sandra Oh).

“You are a gifted surgeon with an extraordinary mind,” Cristana told Meredith. “Don’t let what he wants eclipse what you need. He’s very dreamy. But he’s not the sun. You are.”

Wow. What a speech. The argument between Meredith and Derek started in the next scene.

“You are being selfish,” said McDreamy of Meredith’s refusal to come with him.

“I have to Derek because you believe your career is more important than mine,” replied Meredith.

Wow again.

It seemed to be the kind of conversation – hopefully without the hostility – that happens often between working spouses when one is offered a better job out of town. It happens in all industries. That includes TV news, where anchors often have to pick up and leave to better their careers.

I could almost hear many working women say “bravo” when Meredith announced that she is staying in Seattle. But I wonder if they were in the majority or if audience reaction was split.

• Speaking of hostility, I didn’t realize that there was so much directed at Channel 4 sportscaster Lauren Brill until I read reader comments after I mentioned the station was looking for a new sportscaster.

A few readers said they hoped that the headline meant Brill would be leaving soon and not that the station was looking for an additional member of its on-air sports team.

I was an early critic of Brill but have curtailed my criticism. I blame management for hiring someone who wasn’t ready. I have also stayed away from criticizing her in the hope that her determination to improve would become visible. She has improved to a small degree. However, there are still some times that she speaks so quickly that I need my DVR to go backward to understand what she is saying.

The Brill experience means that I’m not going to complain if Channel 4 takes its time before hiring a third sportscaster so viewers don’t have to watch someone else doing on-the-job training.

• Cheers to Channel 2’s promo department led by Dan Meyers for earning five national ProMax nominations for a series of promos. I’m not surprised the marketing and promotional competition honored Channel 2. I was a big fan of the comical promos for the Sochi Olympics that were nominated. Meyers credited several station staffers, including Jim Caskie and Justin Wahowski, for the nominations.

• John Oliver’s new Sunday night HBO series, “Last Week Tonight,” never fails to make me laugh out-loud at least once a week. It hit big a few weeks ago in a bit in which he noted the absurdity of having one science guy debating climate change with one nonbeliever on cable news shows when 97 percent of scientists believe in it. Oliver said it would be better to have 97 science guys debate three nonbelievers and then trotted out 97 science guys and three nonbelievers. It was very funny, partly because there was so much truth in it.

• I forgot to mention how impressed I was by Hillary Clinton’s appearance on Barbara Walters’ final episode of “The View.” The future presidential candidate never looked more comfortable in front of a camera.

• I am amazed by the ability of Cellino and Barnes to get more pretty women to front its nonstop law commercials. As much as I admire the new woman, I miss the old one.

• The ratings for WBBZ’s telecasts of the Giants of Television and Radio couldn’t compete last week with the ratings for the old mob series “The Untouchables.” Believe it or not, “The Untouchables” averaged the same rating at 12:30 a.m. during the week of May 19 as Seth Meyers’ late-night NBC show on Channel 2.

• Pete Gallivan hasn’t done as much sports work as expected since returning to Channel 2. But he did a nice feature on the attempt of former Buffalo Bills receiver Donald Jones to become a major league baseball player after kidney disease ended his National Football League player.

• Less than a week after I wrote about the difficulties of raising children and having a career in TV news, Channel 4’s Diana Fairbanks and Channel 2’s Mary Friona announced they are leaving their jobs for family reasons. Please don’t blame me. I liked them both on the air.

• I hadn’t realized how popular Friona is here until I wrote a blog about her leaving Channel 2. She is the station’s unsung hero.

• After watching Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and his wife Megan (Jessica Pare) decide to end their marriage on the telephone in the season finale of “Mad Men, “all I could think of was that it might have ended via email or text if they had been together today.

• Oops. A couple of weeks ago, I gave the Fox comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” with Andy Samberg an Emmy award. It actually won a Golden Globe. The Emmy nominations don’t arrive for several more weeks.

• “Breaking Bad’ star Bryan Cranston sure has a bad hair day in “Godzilla.”

• I had to laugh recently when Channel 2 sportscaster Stu Boyar was joined by the station’s news anchors in praising sports director Adam Benigni’s work at the recent NFL owners meetings. Benigni was just doing his job.

• It might surprise you that I received a nice Twitter message from Channel 7 traffic reporter Desiree Wiley after I wrote about the station carrying a photograph of her in a bikini when she competed in the Miss New York State beauty pageant. Classy move.


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