It seems to us: Reality setting in for Trump, tough job in Hamburg and Ryan’s double trouble - The Buffalo News

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It seems to us: Reality setting in for Trump, tough job in Hamburg and Ryan’s double trouble

It’s nice to know that real estate mogul/TV personality/would-be president Donald Trump is flexible.

Trump, as many Buffalo Bills fans know, is sending signals that he might be interested in buying the team. And helping toward financing a new stadium, although with plenty of public help – just as other would-be Bills suitors have indicated.

However, what really seems interesting is how The Donald has evolved – a bit – on the issue of President Obama’s birthplace. Trump was once a darling of the birther movement, which claims the president was actually born in Kenya. In a recent interview with The News, Trump conceded that there was “a very good chance” that Obama was born in the United States.

Now that’s real progress. If he does end up buying the team, we hope he will have the Bills making progress on the field.

Members of the Hamburg Central School Board must be really worried about what the public might learn about the misconduct case against board member Catherine Schrauth Forcucci. The case is being heard in secret … double secret, actually. The public and media not only had to leave the meeting room, they were hustled out of the building.

District lawyer Andrew Freedman was saddled with the job of trying to explain the board’s action. He managed to say with a straight face, “This proceeding, while it is being done in executive session, is absolutely not a secret proceeding.”

This is not some routine personnel matter. The attempt to remove an elected official from her post is a serious matter and it should be conducted in public. The penchant for secrecy makes it look as though the final decision has been made, and the board doesn’t want the facts to get in the way of that decision.

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., showed he has a sense of humor when he told a Republican gathering at a golf club about being confused with former Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner, according to the Saginaw News. “I’ve been confused for Anthony Weiner twice now,” he told the audience, touching off a round of laughter. “I don’t know how this keeps happening.”

We wonder which is more embarrassing for the 2012 vice presidential nominee: Being mistaken for a congressman who resigned in disgrace in 2011 after sending photos of various body parts to various women, or simply being mistaken for a Democrat?

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