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Letter: Posts reflect families embracing faith in God

Posts reflect families embracing faith in God

Alan Pergament missed the point in his article about social media. I don’t know the Kellys or the Sauers, but like many, was drawn to these posts. I believe what made these so captivating is not that it’s about a sports hero or the strong religious connotations portrayed. These posts reflect human beings embracing their faith in God and love for each other and in doing so, revealing that no matter what, love will prevail.

Pergament implying that the Kellys and Sauers shared their stories through social media to get personal attention is unconscionable. The Kellys have used social media and celebrity status to raise money and benefit many. A mother who journals through the death of her child with grace and dignity has our attention for a reason – she is compelling and restores faith, whatever that means to each reader. Furthermore, suggesting that others with ill loved ones will feel slighted if their story is not told is ridiculous.

These tales reveal the goodness in people and the strength one receives through support of others – parents, children, spouses, friends and, yes, even God. These stories have demonstrated that through the support of a community, one can triumph over the most heinous events in life. Frankly, I think the point of social media is to disseminate these life tales, instead of updating us on the latest bodily function or badly needed cup of coffee.

Nancy DiStasio


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