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Letter: Grisanti should back Women’s Equality Act

Grisanti should back Women’s Equality Act

On Nov. 17, 2012, I attended Women’s Health and the Environment: A Workshop on Challenges and Opportunities in Western New York, an event sponsored by State Sen. Mark Grisanti. In his speech, he affirmed his commitment to improve public health. However, one area of public health that Grisanti has not actively worked to protect is women’s health.

In 2013, Gov. Andrew Cuomo proposed the Women’s Equality Act (WEA), a comprehensive, 10-point plan to address the needs of New York’s women – from ending discrimination to protecting women’s health. Grisanti has stood in opposition to the WEA, citing its 10th point, which brings current state laws regarding women’s reproductive health in accord with federal laws established from Roe v. Wade. The WEA establishes no new policies or procedures regarding abortion. Rather, it would align New York’s abortion law with federal law and state medical practice, to ensure that women’s health is front and center when a provider delivers care.

The right to choose must be left to a woman. As a constituent of Grisanti, I urge him to stand firm in his commitment to public health and vote yes on the Women’s Equality Act. If State Sen. Tim Kennedy can allow his once firmly held beliefs on abortion to evolve and guide him to support the WEA, then Grisanti can, too.

Sara Vernon


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