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Don’t knock the president for smart use of technology

I respectfully disagree with the recent letter writer who said that the Obama administration should quit using Twitter hashtags to trick the press into believing that the president is actually doing anything other than playing golf and/or taking a vacation.

Even if it were to include the erection by the Obama administration of the giant hashtag-flashing electronic billboard on the grounds of the White House that the writer sarcastically envisions, I believe that, in these tough economic times, the intelligent employment of modern technology is a far more responsible use of taxpayer dollars than the millions that were spent by a previous president to land a plane on the deck of an aircraft carrier to trick the public into believing that some nebulous mission of his was somehow accomplished.

President Obama, who henceforth should be regarded as America’s first hashtag president, should be praised, not excoriated, for his prudent use of our hard-earned tax dollar.

Steve Szpakowski


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