Chris Robinson Brotherhood. Publicity photo for Gusto.
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If, like me, you continue to smart from the Black Crowes’ inability to stay together for long enough periods of time to satisfy hardcore fans, you’re doubtless finding solace in the “hiatus” activity of Crowes co-founders and battling brothers Chris and Rich Robinson.

Chris Robinson has been the busiest of the former Crowes, fronting his band the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, and releasing a string of truly great records that balance soulful rock, Rolling Stones-like strut and deep-fried hippie-esque psychedeila. The latest of these efforts, the freshly minted “Phosphorescent Harvest,” finds Robinson and his stellar band of virtuosos – guitarist Neal Casal, keyboardist Adam MacDougall, drummer George Sluppick and bassist Mark Dutton – pushing their greasy roots-rock toward the stratosphere like some sort of futuristic jam band. It’s almost enough to make you forget about the Black Crowes. Almost. (Guitarist Rich Robinson will stop by the Waiting Room later this summer, by the way.)

The Chris Robinson Brotherhood will perform at 8 p.m. Tuesday in the Town Ballroom (681 Main St.). Tickets are $21 (box office,

– Jeff Miers

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