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Letter: Let’s protect our planet, pursue renewable energy

Let’s protect our planet, pursue renewable energy

Pardon me, but am I missing something here? In the first quarter of 2014, renewable energy sources met a record 27 percent of Germany’s electrical demand. How did Germany get so far ahead of the United States? What happened to leadership that truly meets the problems we’re facing head-on and prepares us for the challenges ahead?

I read the pros and cons in The News series about hydrofracking. There are serious health effects developing and we do not know what the future will bring. We do see ominous signs, such as the leakage of methane, which is 30 times more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. We do not know exactly how much methane is in the air due to hydrofracking, but we do know it is being released and will be an even bigger problem later.

Lately, every time I pick up a newspaper or listen to the news, I’m hearing about climate change occurring sooner than predicted. That frightens me! Common sense says if Germany can produce clean energy from renewable sources, so can we.

So why are we continuing to allow drilling for this dangerous source of fossil fuel when we know that the burning of fossil fuels is causing or at the very least accelerating climate change? Even animals know better than to foul their own nests. Is it the same reason that motivates so much of America – money to be made by the corporations that rule this country?

Hydrofracking claims prosperity and jobs, but too often it’s a boom-and-bust situation, with most of the jobs going to workers imported from out of state. There would be far more jobs in developing clean and safe renewable energy without the risks. Why has profit for corporations become more important to us than our health and safety? What about our beautiful earth?

Judy Fitzgerald


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