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Letter: Thoughtful debate is needed on all issues

Thoughtful debate is needed on all issues

I find it sad reading the numerous comments from far-left supporters attempting to make a point by singling out a mainstream media twisted comment by anyone right of center and then see it unravel into another verbal assault on anyone who does not see their exact point of view.

Those who feel that the country is not headed in the right direction are a bunch of “selfish anarchists.” Those who think that in a world that has had shifting weather patterns for millions of years and that possibly climate change is up for more debate are “liars.” If you choose to believe in the teaching of the Bible surrounding creation, same sex-marriage or abortion, you are “purposely ignorant,” “bigots” or “haters.” And of course, the oldie but goodie, if you make more money than them, you are “greedy,” don’t want to pay any taxes, don’t care about the needy and send your riches to overseas bank accounts.

One left-leaning opinion recently stated that in order for the opposing view to be drowned out, they must “educate their children” to make sure they will not be tainted. Hmm. By suggesting that the solution to making sure that children are clear in the proper way to “learn” is to tune out all other opinions, the question is: What exactly are you teaching them?

Paul S. Kinsella

East Aurora

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