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Loss of Remington jobs in Ilion is not surprising

I said it would happen and now it has. Remington Arms in Ilion announced it will move about 150 jobs to a plant in Alabama. These are 150 high-paying, manufacturing machinist jobs. I’m guessing Remington eventually will close this plant like the many others it has closed in New York. It’s just a matter of time.

I said this would happen when the SAFE Act became law. Why would a company stay in a state that won’t sell its product?

I’m asking all New York residents to prove that the power of the pen still works. Write to Gov. Andrew Cuomo and urge him not only to repeal the SAFE Act, but to sit down and talk with Remington managers and beg them not to move these jobs out of our state. Let’s take back our state and show our government the power of the people and that it works for us.

James J. Trzaska

West Seneca

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