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Jewelry is lost, Cellino and Barnes are found, and we discover the ultimate thrift shopper

Crazy eights

Every millennium or so, Buzz sounds a chord that resonates with everyone, like Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.” Now we know how to do that more often: Just mention Cellino and Barnes, as we did last week. Observations poured in from sea to shining sea.

Kathy Maulucci writes: “I watch my 11-month-old grandson, Jack, a few days a week. He could be enjoying his bottle – almost sound asleep, but if that commercial comes on, he pops up, listens and then laughs!” She adds: “He also likes the 444 for William Mattar.” Ha, ha!

Meanwhile, whispers are coming from Grand Island that at Fantasy Island, in the Wild West shoot-out, there is a moment when Calamity Jane says, “Don’t wait, call 8.”

That is genius! And handy knowledge, if you should fall off the Crazy Mouse.

Even crazier eights

From Buffalo expat John Kopczynski comes a surprise: “Cellino and Barnes billboards have invaded Los Angeles!” he marvels. “I was driving the Santa Monica Freeway, and there one was! I thought perhaps my car went through a space-time wormhole as I expected to see signs for the Scajaquada Expressway next.”

He added: “In Chinese Numerology 888 is considered triple fortune and considerable good luck. They should do really well here in Chinatown.”

Record highs

How much do you love vinyl? Even though it’s hip these days, Buzz thinks we must rank in the upper percentile. But we are not sure if we hold the record, so to speak.

That honor might go to a hipster we ran into at AMVETS the other day. Both of us were rifling through the boxes of albums, trying politely to stay out of each other’s way, as per thrift shop etiquette.

Then Buzz saw that a stack of voluminous Verdi and Wagner operas we had claimed were in his way. And so we apologized, and the two of us got talking.

Our fellow shopper sympathized with us on our vinyl addiction. And we sympathize with him. Because it turns out he is in charge of the West Ferry Goodwill.

As he flipped through vintage rock, he confided mournfully: “It doesn’t help that I’m manager of a thrift store.”

Bauble babble

A woman named Robin writes: “I don’t know if your column can help me, but it’s worth a shot.” Buzz loved that opening.

“In December 2012, I found some jewelry in the McKinley Mall. I have been trying to find the owner since then, but have had no luck. I put FOUND ads in The Buffalo News and the Hamburg Pennysaver. I’m sure this jewelry is precious to someone, and I really want to find the owner. I see all kinds of stories about people being reunited with their class rings from years gone by (no, I didn’t find a class ring) and just wish there were some kind of markings on the jewelry so it can be returned to the rightful owner.”

Robin, you may warble with joy. It’s ours! Bring it down to Washington and Scott streets, and we are sure we will recognize it.

The buzz

Seriously, anyone who lost jewelry at the McKinley Mall, give Buzz a buzz. Robin is a rare bird, to be that honest. ...

Fashion advice from Mother Angelica: “Get rid of that thing where you have purple hair on one side and pink on the other. That won’t look good in heaven. You’re going to be sent to Purgatory to get your hair back to what God intended.”


“Not responsible for misplaced property, political unrest, coaching decisions, bad punctuations, misspelled words, the economy.”

– Notice on the menu of the Anchor Bar

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