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Khalifa arrested on pot chargeAuthorities say rapper Wiz Khalifa has been arrested in West Texas for marijuana possession.

The performer from Cannonsburg, Pa., was stopped at a checkpoint at the El Paso airport. El Paso police said that because Khalifa traveled without identification, a search was ordered, and Transportation Security Administration agents found a canister with marijuana.

He was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana and was released after posting $300 bail. Khalifa was born Cameron Thomaz in Minot, N.D.

Actors had Cannes buzzing

CANNES, France (AP) – The 67th annual Cannes Film Festival, which wrapped up Sunday, featured a number of remarkable performances, many of them from big-name stars. These were among the actors that had Cannes buzzing:

• Steve Carell: It was an open question which star of Bennett Miller’s “Foxcatcher” turned in the most impressive performance: Channing Tatum as Troubled Olympic wrestler Mark Schultz; or Mark Ruffalo as his older sibling; or Carell, who with a prosthetic nose and grayed hair, caused the biggest stir at Cannes as the creepy multimillionaire John du Pont, who’s obsessed with the other two.

• Kristen Stewart: In Olivier Assayas’ “Clouds of Sils Maria,” Stewart does more than wink at her fame. She’s natural and intelligent in a way she hasn’t been perhaps since the 2009 “Adventureland.”

• Timothy Spall: Great artists have often been given majestic big-screen incarnations. In Mike Leigh’s biopic of British master J.M.W. Turner, Spall takes another route. His Turner is a humble, grunting worker whose grand artistry hodes beneath his gruff manner.

• Marion Cotillard: In “Two Days, One Night,” Cotillard proved that her stardom didn’t interfere in telling a story about a working class woman trying to persuade her co-workers to vote against a raise that will eliminate her job.

• Robert Pattinson: The former “Twilight” star is beginning to put his teen heartthrob past behind him. He impressed as Guy Pearce’s not-all-there companion in the Australian thriller “The Rover.”

Evan Bird: The 14-year-old Bird breaks out in “Maps to the Stars,” playing a Justin Bieber-like child star with an ego far greater than his years.

‘X-Men’ excels at box office

“X-Men: Days of Future Past,” with a $111 million box-office take, is projected to be the fifth best Memorial Day weekend debut in box office history.

1.”X-Men: Days of Future Past,” $111 million ($171 million international).

2.”Godzilla,” $39.4 million.

3.”Blended,” $18.2 million.

4.”Neighbors,” $17.2 million.

5.”The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” $10 million.

6.”Million Dollar Arm,” $9 million.

7.”The Other Woman,” $5 million.

8.”Rio 2,” $3.3 million.

9.”Chef,” $3 million.

10.”Heaven Is for Real,” $2.8 million.

‑ From News wire services

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