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Letter: Time to crack down on Chinese imports

Time to crack down on Chinese imports

A recent article claimed 1,000 dogs have died and many more are sick after eating jerky treats imported from China. A travesty no doubt, but how about this: Toxic toys, school supplies, baby formula, car seats, phony test strips for diabetics, tainted toothpaste, seafood tainted with cancer-causing chemicals and banned antibiotics are all imported from China.

Carole Tucker-Foreman, of the Consumer Federation of America, said, “The Chinese have a long record of cheating on patents and copyrights. They have virtually no environmental or health regulations.” Really! Then why are we importing things that are harming our citizens and pets?

The Food and Drug Administration says it can’t keep up with all the imports from China. Well, here’s a novel idea – hire more people! That would not only help the job situation, but lives would be saved, too. I know there is big money involved, but what’s the cost of thousands of illnesses and even death to the people living in the United States? If I were a superpower and I was very patient, perhaps I would disarm my competition by killing them softly with tainted imports.

Dawn Curazzato


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