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Letter: Our local VA hospitals offer outstanding care

Our local VA hospitals offer outstanding care

As a Vietnam War disabled combat veteran, I can tell you from my personal experience with the Batavia VA Medical Center that its treatment of outpatients is exemplary. The hospital is outstanding. The care and attention given by the shorthanded staff is amazing when you consider what may be happening elsewhere. I believe that the issue is more localized than the media are led to believe and elevated to national prominence for political reasons.

I feel that the president is looking for a scapegoat in order to relieve the current administrator from his post. It is Washington politics as usual, taking an emotional issue and blowing it out of proportion, as a diversion from more important foreign and domestic issues that would place President Obama under a microscope.

The truth is that the VA medical facilities are overburdened with veterans coming back from several wars and simply cannot keep up with the influx. What is even more tragic is the veterans who have given up because the wait time for even filing for benefits takes years, not months. I finally received my Bronze Star 40 years after my service ended.

Solution? Stop sending troops in harm’s way for corrupt anti-American governments and focus more on domestic issues.

Charles D. Carter


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