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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions


• Upper Mountain Road, Roxanne R. Fatta; James W. Fatta Sr. to Anthony Bonelli; Silvia T. Bonelli, $298,500.

• Lower Mountain Road, Phyllis M. Snyder; Donna J. McKeown to Jean P. Snyder; Theodore J. Snyder, $126,920.


• Ridge Road, Merle E. Snell to Carolyn M. Myers, $67,000.


• Onondaga St.. & 9th St., Barone Building Co. Inc. to Jessica Lee Budde; Christopher William Budde, $190,000.

• Dickersonville Road, Theresa Daloise; Nick Daloise; Sheila Difrancesco; Shelley Daloise to Christopher D. Lederhouse, $123,500.

LOCKPORT Highest price: $116,636 Average price: $67,142 Median price: $65,500 Number of Sales: 8

• Continental Drive, Timothy T. Pham to Five Star Bank, $116,636.

• Market St., Seth M. Karas to Helena A. Stitt; Paul W. Stitt Sr., $105,000.

• Waterman St., Jennifer L. McCrady; Jarrod R. McCrady to Christopher J. Stacey; Alyson R. Stacey, $89,500.

• Church St., Wayne D. Trabert; Karen L. Trabert to Amanda N. Bernardi, $72,000.

• Harvey Ave., Matthew W. Platt to Jacob A. Harris, $59,000.

• Prospect St., Laurie A. Hoy; Laurie A. Hirschman to Charles Julian Kibbe; Bonnie M. Kibbe, $46,800.

• Corinthia St., Robert P. Meyer to William George Banagis, $40,200.

• Adam St., RPH Properties Inc. to Roy R. Hamilton, $8,000.


• Green Valley Lane, Amy Schwagler; Todd A. Schwagler to Brian R. Junke, $179,900.

• Hamm Road, Rose M. White; Rose M. Phillips to Charles Wayne Malcomb; Carol H. Malcomb, $155,000.

• Forest Hill Road, Dawn M. Piette; Michael A. Piette to Thomas S. Thompson, $140,000.

• 6096 Strauss Road, HUD to Robert Miller Construction Inc., $75,055.


• Swigert Road & Hess Road, Charles J. Jesson to Russell Fruit Service, $170,000.

• Ridge Road, Anthony S. Porter Jr. to Kari Ann Kasmier, $79,394.

• 6060 East Ave., Alberto Gonzalez Sr. to Christiana Trust; ARLP Trust 2, $49,498.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $228,000 Average price: $74,130 Median price: $60,750 Number of Sales: 16

• Wildwood Drive, Judith A. Hilty; Joseph F. Hilty Jr. to Roxanne R. Fatta; James W. Fatta Sr., $228,000.

• 102nd St., Kingsley D. Chandler III to Michelle L. Pirolli; Mark A. Pirolli, $153,400.

• 2948 Linwood Ave., Timothy Hunt to Fannie Mae; Mae Fannie, $117,686.

• 503 66th St., Grant Seraydarian; Varsenick Seraydarian to Anthony J. Catanese; Lynne M. Catanese, $105,900.

• 92nd St., Gina L. Appoloney; Gina L. Allen to Sandra Lozina; Robert J. Lozina, $89,700.

• Forest Ave., Michelle Pirolli; Mark A. Pirolli to Victoria A. Rippo, $76,400.

• 68th St. & Edison Ave., Richard J. Wright; Paula L. Wright to Daniel E. Merritt, $71,500.

• 78th St., Brian Hoyt to Harry J. Hinks, $68,500.

• 78th St., Fred Owens III; Tina L. Owens to Douglas A. Brooder, $53,000.

• 8110 Stephenson Ave., Irene Goski; Irene B. Goski; William Ortman; Richard H. Goski to Alaina D. Gifford; Joshua C. Gifford, $49,000.

• 820 Chilton Ave., Dora Properties to DHGF Llc, $46,500.

• 4963 Tuscarora Road, Jodi Sue Raab; Jodi Notaro to Laurie J. Gunkel, $36,500.

• Woodlawn Ave., HUD to KC Erie Niagara Properties, $29,500.

• East Pierce St. & 24th St., Gerald Giovannucci; Rosina B. Giovannucci to Hooks Handyman Service, $22,000.

• 34th St., Lucille Jackson; Johnnie L. Hudson to Denise Plennert; Chris Plennert, $20,000.

• Ferry Ave., Russell A. Pecoraro to Dora Properties, $18,500.


• Sweeney St. & Spruce St., Thomas Turtle to Raymond A. Sekera; Beverly J. Sekera, $540,000.

• Robert Drive, Norbert Zinteck; Marcia Zinteck to Christopher R. Carey, $180,000.

• East Robinson St., Tammy T. Tupay; Edward J. Tupay Sr. to Katie Lynn Graves; Nicholas William Graves, $161,500.

• 140 Brentwood Drive, Nola L. Royer; Dennis J. Royer to Orlene Uplinger; Stephanie M. Conway; Chad Uplinger, $143,500.

• Oliver St., Donald R. Meyer; Denuelle R. Meyer to NT Port I Llc, $124,500.

• Lincoln Ave., Perry Ziegler; Jennie Ziegler to NT Port I Llc, $99,900.

• 584 Woodward Ave., Debra L. Behrns to Deutsche Bank, $99,622.


• Wendelville-Lockport Road, Ada Anbar to Campbell Boulevard Llc, $100,000.


• Balmer Road, Christine A. Reed to Gregory Lee, $255,000.

• Youngstown-Lockport Road, Roberta L. Tubridy to William Pietro, $92,000.


• Mack Road, Marcia J. Graczyk; Eugene D. Graczyk to Michael H. Neuman; Janet L. Neuman, $22,750.

• Grove Road, Michael Ohol; Brenda A. Ohol to Timothy J. Heitzenrater, $17,000.


• Hall Road, Kenneth Heschke to Duane J. Roberts; Amy E. Carrig, $7,500.


• Driftwood Drive, Ryan J. Leffler; Michelle L. Leffler to David Allen, $310,000.

• Woodland Court South, Patty L. Crider; Michael E. Crider to Paula L. Wright; Richard J. Wright Jr., $270,000.

• Lake Mead Road, Ann Marie Mueller; Keith L. Mueller to Kingsley D. Chandler III, $190,000.

• Shawnee Road, Shannon L. Johnson to Lila Darling; Brian M. Darling, $145,000.

• Shawnee Road, Ruth O. Maerten; Donal G. Maerten; Alice J. Maerten; Carrie E. Maerten; Norman L. Maerten; Clarence A. Maerten to Ann Deering; Patrick Deering, $115,000.

• Stoelting St., Roger Haseley; Cordia R. Haseley; Wallace P. Haseley to Darlene Hanel; Nicholas Hanel, $25,000.

• Washington St. & Stoelting St., Wallace P. Haseley; Cordia R. Haseley; Roger Haseley to Todd Hayes, $5,700.


• Palmer Road, Kimberly M. Lasher to Scott M. Phillips; Rose M. Phillips, $195,000.

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