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Region cannot afford to keep the Bills here

Taxpayers need to pay attention to the wisdom of County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw. He has brought up a very real concern about the costs of keeping the Buffalo Bills in Western New York. Do we really want to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on the Bills?

There are people who believe that losing the Bills will be the death knell for our area. However, could the hundreds of millions of tax dollars be better spent on local infrastructure, or tax incentives to local developers who create year-round jobs and tax revenues? Studies have shown that professional sports teams hurt local taxpayers.

I love watching football, but I’m more concerned about our future. Mychajliw rightly cautions about over-reaching in our ability to support sports teams. Perhaps losing the Bills will allow Western New York to regain fiscal strength. This issue isn’t Democrat versus Republican. It’s about what makes sense for all of us.

Frank Austin

Orchard Park

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