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How can area consider such a ludicrous plan?

The City of Buffalo faces many financial problems, the greatest being its children. Nearly 40 percent of the city’s children between the ages of 5 and 17 live at or below the poverty line. And the Buffalo School District is in a state of crisis. Some of its high schools have graduation rates below 30 percent.

This leads to an obvious question. Given these facts, can the city, the community and the state – in good conscience – spend $1 billion on a football stadium for the Bills that will be used just eight days a year?

The answer is yes. We could just sell some of the city’s impoverished children to richer NFL cities to fund the new stadium. This is clearly a win-win solution. Buffalo keeps the team and reduces the number of poor kids living in the city. And while some low-income parents may not be comfortable selling their children to Dallas or Phoenix to fund the stadium, perhaps we could give them season tickets as compensation.

Paul McCarthy

East Amherst

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