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Letters for May 25

Cheektowaga best site for new Bills stadium

It’s clear the Bills will need a new stadium to stay in Western New York. As PSL and luxury box revenues are not shared as part of the league’s gate revenues, it’s not a certainty that the new owner will have to take the team down those rabbit holes. However, as economic viability is key to satisfying other NFL owners, it’s safe to presume that substantial ticket price increases are more than likely.

The key factor, however, as laid out by County Executive Poloncarz, is ease of access. Cheektowaga sits on the 90, which makes it ideal for both the Rochester-base heading West and the Southtowns base heading North and East for a game. It’s also a straight shot up the 190 for the Canadian fans. Moreover, there are numerous secondary routes that could bring city residents out to the game.

Selecting a central location for our stadium will be the first step to building one we can be proud of.

Mark Rummenie

East Aurora

Miller played well for Sabres for long time

So the St. Louis Blues have decided not to re-sign Ryan Miller, thus ending the speculation that he was the missing link to the franchise’s success.

I assume the decision wasn’t that difficult after seeing numerous goals go through the proverbial “five hole” on Miller in the Blues’ stretch run to end the season and their eventual loss to Chicago in the playoffs.

This would be a perfect place for many Sabres fans to gloat and throw in the often used “I told you so” regarding Miller. I’m not one of them.

Miller was a very good goalie for a decent stretch with the Sabres, including being the best goalie in the game in his Vezina year. He was saddled most recently with a very incompetent team playing in front of him.

Sure, he let in bad goals in his career, but if you watched 82 games of any other team, you’d be able to say the same thing about every goalie in the league. Let’s give Miller his due and accept the fact that it’s all about the need for proper players to achieve success, not just a goaltender. We can only hope to eventually get another goalie of Miller’s caliber in the future. If not, the Harbor Center and it’s much anticipated debut may not have the intended impact that was first imagined. A losing team might dampen that enthusiasm.

Dale Slisz


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