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Letter: Sweet Home School Board wrong to nix consolidation

Sweet Home School Board wrong to nix consolidation

I just received my newsletter from Sweet Home Central School District. A message from the Board of Education stated: “Looking forward, there was some concern about the long-term viability to meet this goal in our current configuration. The administration brought forth a recommendation to consolidate our elementary program into three schools rather than four. While the plan offered met the goal and appeared to enhance programming, it raised a great deal of emotion and impassioned pleas to maintain four schools from the Heritage Heights community. In the end, the board voted not to consolidate the elementary program at this time but did vote to identify a task force to study the issue more closely …”

If the consolidation would enhance programming, why did the board vote against it? While it has delighted the fourth-graders who will not be moving this year, it has given false hope to the parents at Heritage that this school will remain open. The School Board is supposed to represent the entire school district, not just one school. Our administrators are painting an honest evaluation and the people on the board, who are not hands-on, are refusing to accept reality. What happens next year when state aid is cut and prices keep escalating? Will the school be forced to decide what programs must be cut? The board really dropped the ball on this one.

Incidentally, Sweet Home has closed two elementary schools and has continued to give its students a quality education.

Marlene Hearn


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