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Letter: Government isn’t perfect but it does a lot of good

Government isn’t perfect but it does a lot of good

I’m trying to understand anti-government types and some faithful followers of President Ronald Reagan, who said, “Government isn’t the solution to your problems, government is the problem.” Seemingly, it’s awful and high time you did something about it.

If your neighborhood is ever threatened, tell the police to go away. You’re packing, so you’ll handle it. When there’s a fire, tell firefighters to get lost. You’ve got garden hoses. If your drinking water becomes contaminated, forget the EPA. As a Boy Scout, you learned to purify water. Catastrophic illness or layoff? Pray you won’t need bankruptcy or foreclosure protection. Also, perhaps you and several neighbors could volunteer to deliver each other’s mail?

Next time you think your country should wage war, forget the U.S. military. Gather your friends and militias with their arsenal of weapons and take care of business yourselves. Please don’t bother FEMA with any weather-related disaster. They may be busy helping those who need help, not rugged individualists like yourselves. Tell the FDA that you don’t want its oversight of food and drugs. Your stomach is tough as nails.

And by all means, at retirement age, tell the government you won’t accept “handouts” like Social Security and Medicare, even though you earned them through payroll taxes. Good luck in your senior years. Hopefully, someone will have your back!

Leonard Gross

East Amherst

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