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Obama administration should quit using hashtags

The Obama administration’s increasing use of the Twitter hashtag to report any executive leadership has the press confusing headlines with story lines since the hashtag is nothing more than the White House sending out Twitter Amber Alerts to report missing leadership by the president.

Eventually we’ll see a continuous stream of White House hashtag Amber Alerts flashing on all sorts of abductions, like the missing economic recovery, the missing jobs in the economy, the missing executive action on the Keystone pipeline, the missing president during the Benghazi attack and the missing sign-up numbers on Obamacare.

I see a day when the White House will erect a huge electronic billboard in front of the White House that will flash Oval Office hashtags continuously with the applause and jubilation of the media, who will tout this as evidence that Obama is really on the job and not on a golf course and/or vacation.

Matthew R. Powenski


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