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Letter: Eddie Eagle program helps save young lives

Eddie Eagle program helps save young lives

I have come to the conclusion that the left’s mantras – “if it saves even one life” and “it’s for the children” – are baloney.

After many years of promoting the National Rifle Association’s Eddie Eagle program at the Orleans County Fair, and after having given local schools much literature, I have yet to see one school child of recent years who knows of the Eddie Eagle program. We at Orleans County SCOPE, and SCOPE in general, have been told the schools will not teach the principles of the program because it mentions that horrible, terrible word “guns.”

Eddie Eagle teaches children to “Stop! Don’t touch. Leave the area. Tell an adult,” when they find a gun. It would seem that this would be good advice to give children, especially as summer months approach. It seems the advice may save not just one, but perhaps many lives, and more importantly, the lives of our most precious gift, our children.

Now there may be some cogent reasons for not teaching them. There may be a bias against guns by the media or the governmental powers that be. It could be the schools don’t wish to scare children, or maybe they don’t want them to be aware of these easy-to-learn principles because, as NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre said, they need some percentage of deaths to promote their anti-gun, people-control agenda.

I’d like to believe that this is not true, but what I’d like to believe, and what presents itself as truth, are two diverse paradigms. Especially given the legislation passed by the Cuomo administration, specifically the SAFE Act, one wonders why Eddie Eagle promotion in our schools wasn’t part and parcel of the law. After all, if it saves only one child’s life …

Paul Rusin


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