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Country needs to address threat posed by superbugs

After seeing many documentaries about superbugs and biological warfare, I began to think about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s notifications concerning MERS being brought into the United States and other countries from the Middle East.

Because of the threat of bioterrorism, I would like the government to be proactive in the development of vaccines for disease control of these superbugs and other viruses not cured by antibiotics.

A terrorist organization could develop groups of followers who are interested in suicide missions, infect them with a superbug and expose as many people as possible through mass transportation. This scenario should be openly discussed so preventive, protective measures can be taken.

Many governments, including ours, have so much information to analyze that the “dots” that need to be connected are not recognized and are not used as pertinent information. Then, as was the case on 9/11, it is too late.

Judy Batorski

West Seneca

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