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High School scores from May 23




all games at 5 p.m., unless noted

Friday’s prequarterfinals

Niagara-Wheatfield 9, Ken West 5

NW: Mike Markelonis CG

Frontier 9, Jamestown 0

F: Christian Young CG 5 hits, 8K; Anthony Feeney 3 hits, 3 RBIs; Joe Yetman 3 hits

Williamsville North 9, West Seneca West 0

WN: Duke Hwang 3-4, HR, 3 RBIs; Josh Suroiec 5 IP, 4 hits, no runs

Quarterfinals, Tuesday, May 27

8-Niagara-Wheatfield at 1- Orchard Park

5-Clarence at 4-Lockport

6-Frontier at 3-Lancaster

7-Williamsville North at 2-Niagara Falls

Semifinals, Thursday, May 29

Finals, Saturday, May 31

Time and site, TBA


Friday’s prequarterfinals

Starpoint 6, West Seneca East 4

S: Brett Guay 2-run HR; Ben Walters 3-3, 2 RBIs; Alex O’Donnell win

North Tonawanda 4, Kenmore East 2

NT: Victor Willison 2 hits, 2 RBIs

Sweet Home 10, Will East 5

SH: Justin Bystrak CG; Peyton Polychyk, Tom Meland 3 hits

Quaterfinals, Tuesday, May 27

8-Sweet Home at 1-Hamburg

5-Wmsv. South at 4-Hutch-Tech

6-Starpoint at 3-Iroquois

10-North Tonawanda at 2-Grand Island

Semifinals, Thursday, May 29

Finals, Saturday, May 31

Time and site, TBA


Friday’s prequarterfinals

Lake Shore 10, South Park 0

LS: James Ferry CG 4-hitter, 8K; Steve Budniewski, Alex Whipple 2 hits each

Maryvale 8, Amherst 5

M: Joe Krywcun 6.1 IP; 3-4, 4 RBIs

Quarterfinals, Tuesday, May 27

9-Lake Shore at 1-Pioneer

5-Lew-Port at 4-Springville

6-Cheektowaga at 3-East Aurora

7-Maryvale at 2-Albion

Semifinals, Thursday, May 29

Finals, Saturday, May 31

Time and site, TBA

Class A Championship

Wednesday, June 4 at TBA

A-1 vs. A-2


Friday’s prequarterfinals

Newfane 13, Alden 0

N: Josh Kneeland CG 2-hitter, 16K, 0 BB; 2-3, 3 RBIs

Medina 6, Dunkirk 0

M: Adam Hoot win, 1 hit, 13K; Matt Riemer 2-4, HR, 3 RBIs

Depew 8, Tonawanda 1

D: Denis Vanini CG, 8K; Matt Poblocki 3-4, 3 RBIs

Quarterfinals, Tuesday, May 27

8-Newfane at 1-City Honors

5-Olean at 4-Eden

6-Medina at 3-Burgard

10-Depew at 2-Fredonia

Semifinals, Thursday, May 29

Finals, Saturday, May 31

Time and site, TBA


Friday’s prequarterfinals

Falconer 8, CSAT 2

F: Mitch Carter win; A.J. Genco 4-4, 2 2B

12-Lackawanna at 5-Southwestern

JFK 9, Wilson 5

JFK: Andrew Czubaj win, 7

Cleveland Hill 22, Salamanca 7

CH: Aaron Phillips 4-5, HR, 2 2B

Quarterfinals, Tuesday, May 27

8-Falconer at 1-Gowanda

Lack/SW at 4-Roy-Hart

6-JFK at 3-Akron

7-Cleveland Hill at 2-da Vinci

Semifinals, Thursday, May 29

Finals, Saturday, May 31

Time and site, TBA

Class B Championship

Wednesday, June 4 at TBA

B-1 vs. B-2


Friday’s prequarterfinals

Maple Grove 5, Holland 4

MG: Graham Nelson 3-4, Matt Roach 2-4, Jonah Tanner 2-3

12-Cattaraugus/LV at 5-All.-Lime.

13-Randolph at 4-Frewsburg

14-Silver Creek at 3-Chautauqua Lake

Portville 7, Barker 4

P: Brett Marcellin 11K

10-Franklinville at 7-Olmsted

Cass. Valley 5, WNY Maritime 0

Quarterfinals, Tuesday, May 27

at higher seed

9-Maple Grove at 1-Westfield

CLV/A-L vs. Rand/Frews

SC/CL vs. 6-Portville

Frank/Olm vs. 2-Cass. Valley

Semifinals, Thursday, May 29

Finals, Saturday, May 31

Time and site, TBA


Quarterfinals, Tuesday, May 27

5-Brocton at 4-Clymer

6-West Valley at 3-Ellicottville

7-Sherman at 2-North Collins

Semifinals, Thursday, May 29

Broc/Cly at 1-Pine Valley

WV/Elli vs. Sherm/NC

Finals, Saturday, May 31

Time and site, TBA

Monsignor Martin

St. Mary’s 10, Bishop Timon-St. Jude 3

SM (14-6, 9-3) Mitch Dipirro 3-run 2B, Matt Schneider 2 hits, 3 RBIs




all games at 4:45 p.m., unless noted

Quarterfinals, Tues.,May 27

8-Frontier (8-8) at 1-Clarence (16-1)

5-Ken West (11-5) at 4-Orchard Park (12-5)

7-Wmsv. North (8-8) at 2-Nia.-Wheat. (11-4)

6-Lancaster (11-5) at 3-Niagara Falls (11-3)


Tues. May 27 Quarterfinals

9-Ken. East (7-7) at 1-Wmsv. South (16-2)

13-Wmsv. East (7-10) at 12-WS East (7-7)

7-Iroquois (9-7) at 2-Starpoint (15-3)

14-Hamburg (5-10) at 6-Maryvale (9-6)


Friday’s prequarterfinals

Falconer 7, Akron 6

Depew 6, Southwestern 0

D: Karsen Cotton 16K, 2 hits; Brooke Gay 3-4

Tues. May 27 Quarterfinals

at higher seed

1-Depew vs. 9-Gowanda (14-3)

12-Falc at 4-Fredonia (15-1)

10-Olean (11-4) at 2-Eden (13-1)

14-Tonawanda (9-6) at 6-Roy-Hart


Tues. May 27 Quarterfinals

8-All.-Lime (9-6-1) vs. 1-Middle Col. (14-3-1)

at Houghton Park

5-Catt./LV (13-1) at 4-Westfield (14-2)

15-Maple Grove (3-16) vs. 7-Barker (9-6)

6-Frnklnvlle. (14-2) at 3-Chaut. Lake (12-1)


Tues. May 27 Quarterfinals

8-West Valley (1-12) at 1-Panama (8-7)

5-North Collins (5-10) at 4-Brocton (5-8)

6-Ellicottville (3-11) at 3-Forestville (7-6)

7-Clymer (2-10) at 2-Pine Valley (8-7)

Boys lacrosse


Tuesday at All High Stadium

Class A final

1-Orchard Park vs. 2-Clarence, 3:30 p.m.

Class B final

1-Hamburg vs. 2-Nia-Wheatfield, 5 p.m.

Class C final

1-Salamanca vs. 2-Akron, 8 p.m.

Girls lacrosse


Wednesday at All High Stadium

Class A final

1-Lancaster vs. 2-Frontier, 8 p.m.

Class B final

1-Hamburg vs. 2-Wmsv. North, 3:30 p.m.

Class C final

1-Amherst vs. 2-Lake Shore, 5:30 p.m.

Track and field


Day 1 finals, at Strider Field

BOYS: 800: TJ Hornberger (Lake Shore) 1:55.90. 3200: Dan Huben (Clarence) 9:31.17. LJ: Jake Valley (Lancaster) 20-10.5. SP: Devon Patterson (Will South) 63-7 (new ECIC record).

GIRLS: 800: Marta McLaughlin (East Aurora) 2:14.79. 3000: Sophia Tasselmyer (East Aurora) 10:05.24. D: Rebecca Stiefler (Frontier) 140-0. PV: Julia Schreier (Starpoint) 11-3. LJ: McKyla Brooks (Frontier) 17-6.25.


BOYS – Team scores: Lockport 154.5, Niagara Falls 83, Grand Island 83, Lewiston-Porter 66, Kenmore West 66, Kenmore East 55.50, Niagara Wheatfield 44, North Tonawanda 36. 100: DeAngelo Walker (Ken West) 11.79. 200: Kevin Freedman (Grand Island) 23.47. 400: Michael Fritz (Lew-Port) 51.49. 800: Anthony Hawthorne (Nia. Falls) 1:57.85. 1600: Hawthrone 4:31.73. 3200: Dan Jones (Lockport) 10:21.72. 110h: Jeff Menyah (Nia. Falls) 15.67. 400h: Josiah Chandler (Lockport) 1:00.53. 4x100: Niagara Falls (Davon Cook, Dijay Stone, Dijon Stone, Jermie Mallard) 45.35. 4x400: Grand Island (Joe Frailey, Brandon Stevenson, Tanner Speer, Kevin Freedman) 3:31.46. 4x800: Lockport (Mitch Loicano, Joe Alex, Connor Doran, Dez Orsolits) 8:38.24. LJ: Jeremy Bari (Nia. Wheatfield) 20-5.75. TJ: Tanner Speer (Grand Island) 41-5. SP: Mike Debenedetti (Ken East) 41-2.5. D: Ryan Osborn (N. Tonawanda) 118-10. HJ: Maurice Channer (Lockport) 6-0. SP: Ben Jackson (Ken East) 13-0. 3000 steeple: Kyle McDermid(Lew-Port) 10:33.5. Pent: Connor Harrigan (Grand Island) 2758.

GIRLS – Team scores: Lockport 188, Lewiston-Porter 110.50, Kenmore East 80, Kenmore West 68, Niagara Wheatfield 50, North Tonawanda 47, Grand Island 44, Niagara Falls 1.5. 100: Kyri Jackson (Nia. Wheatfield) 12.87. 200: Jackson 26.40. 400: Kailyn Szymanski (Lockport) 1:00.53. 800: Abbey Lang (Lockport) 2:20.90. 1500: Lang 4:53.90. 3000: Lang 11:06.41. 100h: Erin O’Brien (Ken East) 16.89. 400h: O’Brien 1:08.59. 4x100: Lockport (J’Vonna Clarke, Deja Wroton, Kailyn Szymanski, Allie Greene) 51.25. 4x400: Kenmore East (Erin O’Brien, Megan Talmon, Brittney Banks, Kiaja O’Neil) 4:09.49. 4x800: Lockport (Shannon Galley, Sarah Kurbs, Hannah Kurbs, Abbey Lang) 10:16.11. LJ: Brittney Sanford (Lockport) 17-1. TJ: Austin Nagelhout (Ken East) 33-5. SP: Jess Dhaliwall (Grand Island) 42-05. D: Dhaliwall 154-03. HJ: Hayley Johnston (Ken West) 5-0. PV: Kristen Sawyer (Lockport) 11-0. 2000 steeple: Amber Custodi (Lew-Port) 7:50.6. Pent: Katie Proy (Ken West) 1971.

Boys Tennis

Section VI championships

Singles: Tim Kane* (Hamburg) d. Jack McClaren* (East Aurora) 6-0, 6-3. Third-place match: Mike Kessler* (Will North) d. Andrew LeMar (North Tonawanda) 6-2, 6-3.

Doubles: Joe Bartelo and Tony Podgorsak* (Will South) d. Tommy Baldinger and Kevin Zablonski* (Orchard Park) 6-2, 6-2. Third-place match: Bryce and Jack Payne* (Panama) d. Zander Korach and Dan Freilicher (Orchard Park) 3-6, 6-3, 6-3.

*Qualified for state tournament

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