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Super Handyman: Keep project plans on display and out of the way

A lot of plans for projects are in books, magazines and printed from online sources. We all use them. One way to make using them easier is to mount them in a way that makes them easy to refer to while you are working but keeps them out of the way at the same time. Our favorite method is to use a clipboard, hung on a pegboard over your workbench. Even a clip of some kind can be used to hold a book or magazine in the same manner. If you are working with flimsy papers, you can back them with a scrap of cardboard. The papers might even stay clean enough to use again.


Q: My wife uses hair spray on her hair, and I can see a heavy buildup on the flooring in our bathroom. What would be good to clean this off with? – H.R.

A: Mix some shampoo with water and spread it over the hairspray and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, use a plastic scrubber to remove the loosened mess from the floor. This is a very mild solution that seems to work pretty well in most cases.


Q: We have a concrete pool deck that is pretty old. What can I do to make it look a little better and stay clean longer? – R.T.

A: Check your hardware store for a concrete driveway cleaner. You’ll need to try to keep it out of the pool, but it should work well to clean the surface. Then you need to apply a water seal. Most are spray-on or applied with a roller. They need to be reapplied once a year, but they do a good job of resisting mildew, mold and even some chemicals.

Tips from readers

Dear Carrells: It’s been a tough storm season this spring. We have had hail damage and had to have our roof repaired. We were grateful that we could find someone quickly to get the repairs finished before the last storm. The only problem is that this person left a lot of nails and other debris in our yard. But they left before they picked it all up, so we had to do that. I bought some magnets and glued them to the broom. Then I moved the broom around the yard, back and forth, picking up the nails as I went. I’m sure I missed some, but I know I got a lot because I had a big pile of them when I was finished. The magnet worked quite well. – N.C.


Dear Al: We have finished with our complete home renovation. It has taken almost a year, but, project after project, we have completed them all. Now it’s time for the cleanup. Our garage is full of leftover product, and some of it hasn’t been used. I started asking around and found that I could donate it to my local Habitat for Humanity. It won’t take everything, but can use quite a bit of it. They also have a couple of Restores in our city and can sell it. It’s a good place to donate stuff, and it certainly goes to a good cause. – D.W.


Dear Kelly: You’d be proud of me. I learned how to change the oil in my car when I was much younger, and I’ve started doing it again. I wanted to teach my kids how to do it, so we all do it together. We use a universal oil filter wrench that works on both cars. I showed them a neat trick. I glued a strip of sandpaper inside the wrench so that when you use it, it grabs the filter tighter so it turns easier. It really helps, and my kids think I’m great. I’ll take it! – V.N.

A Super hint

When you need to cut a straight line with a saw, a good way to keep it straight is to clamp a scrap of lumber next to your cutting line. With this in place, you can run the saw right along this edge and your cut will be perfect every time.


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