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Newstead Town Board revisits deadlock on noise issue

The Newstead Town Board on Monday night focused on the fallout from its April 28 vote on a local law intended to address the noise coming from Braun’s Concert Cove at the specific urging of the Quarry Hill Estates neighborhood that borders the venue.

April’s vote was a draw, with two votes for, two votes against and one councilwoman abstaining, leaving the law in limbo.

The board may revise the law and bring it up for another vote or drop the idea altogether.

Councilwoman Mary-Beth Whiting has been researching amphitheaters across the nation, attempting to find precedent for the measure.

She said, “Nearly all of them have noise ordinances or laws that regulate their sound production.”

More importantly, however, many seem to address an issue that the so-called “Braun’s Law” never examined: the specific regulation of bass output, which in many cases travels the farthest from site of the initial sound.

Braun’s Concert Cove’s first concert of the season is scheduled for the first week of June.

In talks with Whiting, operators of Braun’s have discussed various measures to mitigate the issue.

Councilman Don York advised, “We should see what develops over the summer. We should see what kind of abatement he has come up with by then,” at which time the Town Board may be in a better position to re-evaluate the ordinance.

Supervisor David Cummings proposed that the board create a noise abatement committee.

The panel would consist of board members and citizens appointed by the board who could more thoroughly examine a multifaceted approach to noise issues.

“We need voices from other parts of the community,” Cummings said, “Not just Braun’s and Quarry Hill Estates.”

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