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• Rose Road, Phyllis L. Elizalde; Melissa L. Flores to Molly A. Riley, $57,000.


• 5281 Hewitt Parkway, Joseph J. Bruno; Maura J. Bruno to Diana M. Denitto, $200,000.

• Fairway Drive & Meadowbrook Drive, James Duffy Fitzpatrick to Ryan D. Burdick, $122,500.

• Bridgeman Road, Paul Pierini; Sylvia Pierini to Carolyn Tweed; Brian Tweed, $37,500.


• Bewley Parkway, Sherryl O. Dugas to Raechelle P.M. Ripley, $82,150.

• Prospect St., Maria D. Dool to Joanne Stanton, $50,000.

• 463 East Ave., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Katherine A. Landsittel, $38,900.

• South St., First Niagara Bank to HUD, $31,709.


• Aaron Drive, Keith A. Maurer to Scott R. Colonna; Carrie A. Colonna, $140,000.

• Academy Lane, Debra A. Potter to Midfirst Bank, $42,792.

• Woodhaven Drive, Yanport Warehouse Corp. to Roger A. Fotia; Debra A. Fotia, $18,500.


• Ewings Road & Jacques Road, Allen Richards; Nikolaj Birjukow to Beau M. Ceisner, $86,520.

• Wheeler Road, Sherri Ernst; Sherri A. Becker; Carole A. Fischer; Peter L. Fischer to McCollum Farm Partnership, $25,500.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $175,000 Average price: $57,149 Median price: $49,169 Number of Sales: 24

• Champlain Ave., Christine A. Barstys; Ronald J. Barstys to David A. Ward; Laura A. Ward, $175,000.

• Tuscarora Road, David A. Ward; Laura A. Ward to Paul M. Pisarski, $109,000.

• 70th St., Loretta Eugeni; Frank Eugeni to Joseph D. Robbins; Lisa M. Robbins, $99,000.

• L101 Demunda Ave., Roger Rosselli; Lori M. Summerson to Joseph M. Ventry, $96,900.

• 409 73rd St., Myles P. Blest; Barbara J. Burns; Barbara J. Blest to Joseph Bruno, $90,000.

• 8307 Richmond Ave., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Brian P. Mann, $89,000.

• Main St. & 3rd St., Joseph A. Stumpo to JC3 Llc, $75,000.

• Deveaux St., Michael James Del Gobbo to Jonathan S. Irace; Dawn S. Irace, $67,000.

• 81st St., Floyd Curtis; Elaine Sherriff to James V. Gansz, $63,829.

• Chapin Ave., Esther L. Higgins; Dennis Keith Higgins to Sherry L. Sodano, $63,000.

• Walnut Ave., Jean Penque; Judith C. Muldoon to Antoinette R. Badger, $56,500.

• 1327 Willow St., Dhgf Llc to North Star Investors Llc, $54,338.

• 826 Chilton Ave., Dora Properties to DHGF Llc, $44,000.

• 422 24th St., Return On Rentals to North Star Investors, $42,000.

• 3702 McKoon Ave., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Linda M. Pawlak, $37,000.

• 1705 Willow Ave., Wing Properties to Irit and Avraham Peter Llc,$31,000.

• 1815 Willow Ave., KC Erie Niagara Properties to Irit and Avraham Peter Llc, $31,000.

• Macklem Ave., Ying Wei Xu to Leo Benevento, $29,000.

• 1806 Niagara St., Nichola Jane Smith; Christopher J. Mikienis; Philip Peter Smith to Equity Trust; Kevin B. Seaman, $27,000.

• Lasalle Ave., James R. Scalzo to Eleni Atherinis, $25,000.

• 427 Elmwood Ave., KC Erie Niagara Properties to Oz Lev Ran Llc, $19,000.

• 6114 Stephenson St., Fannie Mae; Mae Fannie to Sangeeta Patel; Brian Vancuran, $18,000.

• 20th St., Michael F. Hood; Barbara A. Hood to Billie Jo Michel, $15,000.

• 27th St., Jo Ann Dicamillo to Patricia Ann Adriatico Pallaci, $15,000.


• Summit Blvd. & Oakdale Drive, Robert Brennan; Robert N. Brennan to Timothy A. Berecz; Jacqueline E. Berecz, $177,202.

• 295 Oakdale Drive, Stacie Bean-Tullius; Kevin L. Tullius to Fannie Mae, $151,633.

• Jamaica Square, Robert W. Lyons; Pamela S. Miller; William D. Lyons; Kathleen A. Baker to Raymond F. Didley, $150,000.

• Master St., Guy McCormick; Jan Niland; Barbara Holler; Michael McCormick; Paul McCormick; Christopher McCormick to Katherine Alexander, $105,000.

• Brundage Ave., Joseph A. Dingey; Rebecca E. Dingey to Matthew P. Cercone, $85,000.

• 96 Northeast Ave., US Bank to Edwin W. Princess; Carol A. Princess, $83,500.

• Harding Ave., Kathleen A. Greenland to Patricia A. Houghton, $72,500.


• Carrollwood Drive, Gordon J. Laporte; Darlene M. Laporte to Mark R. Shea; Victoria E. Shea, $185,000.


• Freeman Ave. & Alfred St., Mary E. Crafts; William J. Crafts to John M. Volkosh, $73,100.

• 87A-87B Telegraph Road, Brad Bokman; Thomas Hewitt to Sunstate Utility Construction, $67,000.

• 20 Maple Ave., Trine Properties Inc. to Kevin E. Kelley, $61,500.

WHEATFIELD Highest price: $302,700 Average price: $176,650 Median price: $194,500 Number of Sales: 8

• Brandywine Road, GMD Development to Raab 2014 Family Trust; Deborah Merrill; Jodi S. Notaro, $302,700.

• Forest Lake Drive, Joan M. Schwob to Edwin Velasquez; Kathleen Velasquez, $250,000.

• Townline Road, Joseph R. Roche; Rebecca J. Tresselt-Roche to Brian R. Maurer; Lauren K. Hughes, $210,000.

• Shawnee Road, Robert M. Chrzanowski to Deborah A. Hastings; Constance E. Emerling, $199,000.

• Lockport Road, Ranney Precision Machining Co.; David L. Ranney to 2121 Lockport Road Llc, $190,000.

• Lemke Drive, Mark R. Shea; Victoria E. Shea to Christopher R. Sarratori; Susan M. Sarratori, $142,000.

• Lockport Road, Ryan Sherwood to Jim Gardner & Sons Inc, $70,000.

• 7176 Townline Road, HUD to Raymond J. Wilson, $49,500.

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