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Something is wrong with our society today

The slaughter of our children continues. We’ve read about kids being killed over a pair of sneakers, a special coat or jacket, a radio, religious and/or personal convictions, those who have committed suicide after malicious postings online or being bullied in school, random shootings, mass murders in colleges, high schools and even grammar schools. Now, a 13-year-old loses his life over an iPhone. Why? What is wrong with our society?

Childhood is a time to embrace the world around us and learn what we can to set our standards for the future; a time to absorb values that shape our moral character. It is not a time to die. That part of our children’s metamorphosis is being tragically truncated before they reach adulthood. Other species have a penchant for killing their young. I didn’t know we had joined them.

Scott Patterson


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