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Letters for May 18

Bills could use more local players

At this point the Bills’ draft appears quite promising, but as usual local athletes were passed over.

While I am not privy to all the information on a player’s background, it seems picking John Urschel would have been a no-brainer. He lasted until the fifth round. Alex Neutz also seems to have all the credentials of an NFL receiver.

I believe Khalil Mack would have better chances to be an immediate impact player with the Bills than Sammy Watkins. While Watkins may be the best receiver in the draft, a receiver’s performance depends on how well the quarterback performs. EJ Manuel has much to prove.

Hopefully Manuel and Watkins will prove me wrong, but not taking Urschel and giving Neutz a chance is in my opinion already a mistake.

Don Weimer


Clippers need to reclaim Braves nickname

With all of the things that have been going on with the recent Donald Sterling fiasco with the Los Angeles Clippers, I have a suggestion.

If the NBA really wants to wipe away all of the bad publicity about all of the years that Mr. Sterling owned the team, why not change their team name and start over by naming them the Los Angeles Braves?

The Clipper franchise started in 1970 and the years that nickname was in existence, there was never a hint of controversy. When people ask years later about what happened to the Clippers name, the story can be used as an example of human indecency.

Bill Gunn


Toughness defined by military service

Regarding Michael Sam, Jerry Sullivan writes “… as tough and brave as any football player I’ve ever seen.”

Gay or not, have you forgotten Pat Tillman or Buffalo’s own Bob Kalsu? I believe they may have been tougher and braver.

Don Steinsholt


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