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Letter: Fighting over Benghazi accomplishes nothing

Fighting over Benghazi accomplishes nothing

Why did Benghazi happen? The ambassador and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asked for more funds to help secure the embassy. House Republicans refused to increase funds allocated to the State Department for embassy security, and actually voted to reduce funding.

Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., who studied the problem, said that talking points don’t matter. He said that the CIA warned that security was deteriorating before the killing of four Americans occurred.

The tea party should stop talking about Benghazi and the Affordable Care Act and should permit bills to the floor for a vote in both the Senate and the House.

The United States is in dire need of help in economic matters and getting jobs that pay a living wage. We must repair our roads, bridges and underground pipes. We must not deprive people of food and income by cutting food stamps, school meals, aid to veterans, pre-K programs, unemployment insurance and food inspections. Immigration reform is essential for foreign-born inventors to stay here and start new companies that employ many. We must reunite families that have lost parents through deportations of hard-working, law-abiding persons. A path to citizenship should be provided. We need to reclaim our former status as the best country in the world.

Kathleen Warren


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