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Letter: Elect people dedicated to student achievement

Elect people dedicated to student achievement

I am president of the Hamburg School Board. Everyone is aware of the media feeding frenzy that has descended on our school district. I took office a year ago with a promise to end the dysfunction and the battles that plagued our district and School Board.

We are so close to completing this task. We appointed a gifted and positive individual as superintendent in Richard Jetter. He immediately realigned his staff to concentrate on student achievement. He improved the morale of all our wonderful teachers and staff. Parents, teachers, staff and students support and love their new superintendent. Walk through any one of our buildings and you can see and feel his positive spirit.

Now it is the turn of the Hamburg School District voters to do their part in completing this important task. Voters should educate themselves on the budget and each candidate. Do not base your vote on email rumors or Facebook postings. Information on each candidate is available via the school’s newsletter, our local newspaper and online at The Buffalo News.

Voters must remember that the most important issue is not the two groups that have caused turmoil in the last four years. The real and clear issue is Common Core. That has a direct effect on our teachers, students and the budget. Common Core is the real issue, not silly adult behavior.

So do not be fooled. Jetter and our staff have everything under control. Our students and teachers continue to be showered with awards and honors. Ask our teachers and students and they will tell you our school is a great place to educate your children. Educate yourself on the candidates and vote for the person who is dedicated to student achievement.

Dave Yoviene


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