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Letter: Affordable Care Act defies free enterprise

Affordable Care Act defies free enterprise

Socialism or progressivism is being advocated as a cure to all our problems. America is presently the most innovative and creative country in existence. Its citizens enjoy more freedom and opportunity than any other country precisely because of our Constitution and free-enterprise system.

The communistic slogan, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” is a slogan popularized by Karl Marx. It sounds great, but it has never succeeded and never will. The Soviets relied on big government’s power to restrict freedom and have citizens accept their policies by the only way possible, coercion. Control dominated every aspect of life, excluding the party leaders. Fear of punishment kept the proletariat in line.

Comparisons could also be made between East and West Germany, and North and South Korea. Presently Cuba is a Third World nation. China is straddling the fence by being “socially” communistic but “economically” capitalistic. None of the former Eastern European countries that was forced into the Soviet Union retained communism after its collapse.

Our statist administration is futilely attempting to eliminate poverty by redistributing wealth, from the rich to the poor. Our government is adding restrictions that diminish our freedom. The Affordable Care Act is doing exactly that. If we citizens refuse, we are fined by the Internal Revenue Service. Are we all becoming brainwashed?

Joseph A. Tomasulo


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