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It seems to us: Moonlighting while sober, thanks, but no thanks, and a scoop from Hillary

Well, at least they weren’t drunk or cavorting with prostitutes.

However, members of the Secret Service, whose primary responsibility is to protect the president, or so everyone thought, have apparently been moonlighting.

The Washington Post reported that Secret Service officials were diverted from their job patrolling the White House perimeter to protect a personal friend of the agency’s director.

The report indicated that over at least two months in 2011, agents assigned to the White House were ordered to a rural area in southern Maryland to protect then-director Mark Sullivan’s assistant. Known internally as Operation Moonlight, the cause for concern had to do with what appeared to be a neighbor spat.

This latest report of questionable judgment by the Secret Service pales by comparison to the headline-grabbing attention the agency has received for antics in the Netherlands, where an agent preparing for a presidential visit passed out drunk in a hotel hallway, and Cartagena, Colombia. In that infamous episode, the party atmosphere became public after an agent and a prostitute had a dispute over payment for services.

Whew. Western New York dodged a bullet this week when un-developer Howard Milstein announced that he is not interested in buying the Buffalo Bills. Milstein, of course, is the owner of acres and acres of property in downtown Niagara Falls – prime land that he has sat on for years, doing nothing.

He’d like to put a new stadium for the Bills there, even though he’s not interested in owning the team. Milstein is also the chairman of the state Thruway Authority and led an unsuccessful charge to raise tolls a couple of years ago.

Thus, it seems fair to predict that, as Bills owner, Milstein would do nothing to develop the team, would raise tolls on the Grand Island Bridges and probably hike ticket prices, too. Who needs it?

A tribute to legendary television newswoman Barbara Walters on her final edition of “The View” included luminaries such as Oprah Winfrey and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Although Walters is ending a five-decade career on television, she couldn’t pass up an opportunity for a scoop. According to the Associated Press, the 84-year-old Walters asked Clinton if she is running for president in 2016.

The snappy answer from Clinton: “I am running. … Around the park.”

Maybe Walters would consider the suggestion by actor Michael Douglas that, “If Hillary runs, I bet you’d be a great vice president.”

And we kinda like Walters’ tease when she saw New York Knicks basketball player J.R. Smith in the stands: “I just want you to know I’m buying the Clippers.”

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