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Genesee County school district residents to vote on tax hikes

BATAVIA – Hold-the-line 2014-15 spending programs featuring modest property tax increases ranging from 1 1/3 to 3 percent, and several contested school board races, will be decided in Tuesday’s elections for Genesee County’s seven central school districts.


Voters will consider a $16.7 million budget, less than this year’s version but featuring a 1.3 percent hike in the property tax levy. Brian Paris and John Slenker are vying for one board seat.


A $21.3 million budget raises the tax rate by 1.5 percent and cuts two teaching positions. Voters also will consider the purchase of two 66-seat buses costing a total of $214,500. Daniel Ireland and Tamatha Menzie are running for two board seats.


An $18.1 million budget features a 3.4 percent increase in spending and a tax levy that is 1.95 percent higher. Voters also will consider the purchase of two buses for a total of $159,000. Incumbent school board member Mark Torrey faces Trisha Werth and Joanne Soules in a contest for two board seats.

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A $22.6 million budget increases spending by 3 percent and the property tax rate by 2.6 percent. Incumbent board members Jacalyn Whiting and Richard Lawrence are running unopposed for two board seats. Voters also will consider the Woodward Memorial Library budget of $305,000, the same as the current year, and elect a trustee, Elizabeth T. Gugino, who is the lone candidate.


Voters will consider an $18.2 million budget – a $500,000 increase – that pushes the tax levy up by 2.15 percent. William Snyder, Bonnie Woodward, Timothy Edgerton and Joel D’Alba are running for three school board slots.


A $17.4 million budget, up 3.15 percent, features a tax levy increase of 1.4 percent. Three board seats are being contested by Rebecca Dziekan, Ashley McMaster, Margaret Gaston and Kevin Stefan.


The property tax levy rises 1.5 percent under a 2014-15 budget spending plan of $21.2 million. Arthur Ianni and Todd Skeet, the incumbent, are competing for one board seat.

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