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Letter: Private conversation should be protected

Private conversation should be protected

Imagine if you will that you’re an octogenarian having, what you think, is a private telephone conversation with a much, much younger member of the opposite sex who enjoys roller skating in a visor that looks like a welder’s mask.

During the conversation, you make some ethnic comments that would be considered politically correct only to people who were wearing white hoods.

Imagine your surprise to discover that your entire conversation was being disseminated by news media and people all over the world. In addition, critics were so disgusted that they demanded you sell the business that you have owned for several decades in atonement.

You thought that because you lived in a free country, and people died to preserve the right to express your opinion without fear of repression, that you were safe.

Then you thought, if I’m the first, who is next?

Paul Bojanowski


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