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News editorial, cartoon unfair to school officials

Shame on Adam Zyglis, and shame on the cretins who employ him. His depiction of Barbara Nevergold in the May 9 paper is below despicable. Nevergold spends 25 to 30 hours a week trying to move this system forward.

What has The News done? I can probably count on one hand the positive pieces the paper has run on the Buffalo School District in the past few years.

Further, the editorial below the cartoon states that two educated black women recently fired by the district were unqualified.

They were qualified, but not certified. To wit, Yamilette Williams led the team that won the recent $3 million grant for the Buffalo schools. Still further, the paper seems to have chosen the most surly looking photos of these educated professionals.

We have a grandchild in the Buffalo schools and her sister will be joining her in the fall, so we are personally involved in the system’s success.

Paul R. Nevergold


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