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Letter: If stadium is built, make it first-class

If stadium is built, make it first-class

With all the talk about the possibility of a new Bills stadium, I hope they do this right. Don’t pay tens of thousands of dollars for a study, and then have an eyesore. The picture of the proposed stadium on the waterfront was a joke. It had a concave roof. Buffalo is a Snow Belt city; a concave roof will not work. If we build a stadium, we are going to have to look at it for a long time, regardless of where it goes. Let us build something to be proud of.

Where do they get these architects who do not have a clue on what they are doing? This is Buffalo, not California. Just look at the irregular curb line going west on Fuhrmann Boulevard from the Small Boat Harbor to Gallagher Beach. The area looks great in the summertime, but who wants to hit a curb head-on in the winter? That was a brainstorm idea for an area that is known for constant whiteouts.

Look at some of the ideas for the Peace Bridge; they also looked to be second-best. If we want Buffalo to grow to be a first-class city, we have to look like one. I think a good-looking signature bridge for an international crossing is a must. The skyline has a great deal to do with what people think of a city. You have to spend money to make money.

Look how great HarborCenter and Canalside are. The waterfront is only getting started. It starts from downtown Buffalo and could go all the way to Lackawanna. The ideas are endless. Western New York, we deserve the best. Now is the time to go first-class. Give people around the world a place they want to come to, not talk about.

Thomas D. Czechowicz

Lake View

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