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Climate change is real, we must address it now

The front-page article, “Scientists warn of sea rise as ice melts,” in The News makes it abundantly clear that we are sticking our heads in the sand because of the problems associated with global climate change. This “inconvenient truth” will be dumped on our children.

What I fear most is that by the time we react to the problem, it will be irreversible and my two daughters and my future grandchildren will live in a degraded condition with little or no hope.

I am 68 years old and I have had a good life, but I do not believe that the same will hold true for my daughters and for yours. What will it take for all of us to realize that this is a real problem that we must address now or pay for a hundred times over in the near future? This is real, it is time to act.

I believe the corporations will oppose any laws that attempt to regulate the industrial waste that is being dumped into the air and water because of a probable decline in their profits. They will rise up and pour millions into creating doubt and fears of job losses so they can continue their profit-making ways. But we cannot continue on the same path we are on.

We are not lemmings; we can see what’s ahead and alter our course. I do not want to run off the side of this cliff. It’s time to grow up and act as loving parents who are able to sacrifice a little comfort for the benefit of our children.

John Brandenberger


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