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You’ll need umbrella and jacket over next 24 hours


Keep an umbrella handy for today and a jacket for tomorrow. You are going to need both over the next 24 hours.

“It will probably start early this afternoon,” meteorologist Jim Mitchell said of the rain. “The heaviest rain will come in late this afternoon, especially early this evening.”

A flood watch will be in effect late this afternoon through Friday, followed by a cold front.

“Then we’re going to see quite a change,” Mitchell said.

How big?

Temperatures will be in the upper 40s when you wake up Friday morning, and they’re not going to climb much higher, he said. Perhaps the mid-50s at best.

“You’ll feel a big difference when you get up in the morning,” Mitchell said.

What’s happening is two different weather system are headed our way. Warm, moist air flowing from the Gulf of Mexico is expected to continue today, bringing temperatures into the low 80s inland and a general rainfall of inch or two across the region, beginning this afternoon.

Then the system that dumped snow on the Rocky Mountains earlier this week will arrive overnight, ushered in by cold air from Canada.

But we don’t have to worry about snow.

“No, it’s not going to get that cold,” Mitchell said.

Still, it’ll been quite a roller coaster ride.

“We’re going to go from above normal ... to below normal” by 10 to 15 degrees at each end, Mitchell said.

Temperatures outside the weather service’s office at Buffalo Niagara International Airport tied two records this past week: last Friday’s high of 82 matched the record set in 2007, and Tuesday’s high of 85 equaled one set in 2011.

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