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Letter: Government takes enough of our hard-earned money

Government takes enough of our hard-earned money

We hear a lot from the Catholic hierarchy and from Catholic clergy generally how we should contribute our resources to help those who are impoverished, and the vast majority agree with that and do contribute. Private foundations in the United States contribute $200 million every year, along with donations from many other millionaires and billionaires.

However, to join the liberals who espouse “income distribution” by letting the government do it, as seemingly most Catholic clergy believe, is a mistake. Whom do you trust managing money – the government or private entrepreneurs? There’s no comparison. Government equals waste. Private enterprise equals efficiency. Concentrate on these groups to continue helping people through their foundations.

The government should not take away our hard-earned money, which we use to support our families and send our kids to college. If the clergy want to put more pressure on private enterprise to do more, that’s fine, but don’t depend on the government to do it because it can’t do it properly. Capitalism, which is not perfect, is the best system thus far. Our country was founded on equal opportunity for all, not on excessive giveaways.

Richard Grisanti


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