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Dehydration puts Kelly back in hospital

Buffalo Bills great Jim Kelly went back to the hospital Thursday afternoon to deal with a case of dehydration.

Kelly is in the middle of a course of chemotherapy and radiation treatments this month, which he’s receiving at Erie County Medical Center. He needed to go back to ECMC to improve his nutrition levels.

“Unfortunately Jim got so dehydrated yesterday, he’s back in the hospital,” said Kelly’s brother Dan. “They’re getting him hydrated.”

Kelly has eight more radiation treatments to receive and one more course of chemotherapy treatment. After this month, the plan is to wait a couple of months to see how well the treatments have worked in battling sinus cancer.

Kelly’s wife, Jill, told her Facebook followers of the readmission to the hospital Thursday and thanked fans for their support. Kelly had done an interview Wednesday with The Buffalo News and released a video message to fans Thursday.

In both, he voiced his resolve to fight the cancer and do everything he could to keep the Buffalo Bills in Western New York.

“Would you please continue to pray?” Jill Kelly wrote. “I know I keep asking and sharing … but I trust that like Jim said in this video, ‘We’re in this together. Thank YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH.’ ”

This isn’t the first time Jim Kelly has been hospitalized with dehydration during his cancer fight. He spent two days at ECMC earlier this month because he had become so weak from chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Kelly said he recently had a feeding tube inserted to help with nutrition and to aid his fight. “In reality, it’s making him stronger,” Dan Kelly told The News on Wednesday.

“To see his energy level, I mean, when he started getting some nutrition in him, his energy level went through the roof.”

While Kelly’s doctor has said that his cancer is very treatable and potentially curable, the Hall of Fame quarterback knows he’s fighting for his life.

Kelly, who embraced Christianity in 2007, believes in the healing power of prayer, and said faith has been his greatest source of support during his cancer fight.

“Potential doesn’t mean nothing to me, unless it’s done,” Kelly said in a News interview Wednesday.

“If it wasn’t for my faith, and knowing that I’m not scared to die … if that day comes, I know one thing, and I told my wife this: I’ll be there to see our son, Hunter,” referring to his son who died at age 8 in 2005 of Krabbe disease.

Kelly had surgery last summer to remove cancer from his jaw. However, doctors informed him back in March that the cancer had returned.


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