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TORONTO, Ont. – A proposal in Ontario to build four new nuclear reactors in Darlington, Ont. – almost directly north of Olcott Beach across Lake Ontario – was nixed by a Canadian court Wednesday, which sided with environmentalists’ claims that those plans were inadequate.

In striking down federal government approval of the new reactors, Federal Court Justice James Russell ruled that its evaluation failed to consider the effects the radioactive fuel waste would have on the environment and addressed neither the possibility of a “Fukushima-type accident” nor potential emissions hazards, according to a report today by the Canadian Press news service.

“The court’s decision shows just how badly federal authorities failed the public,” said Mark Mattson, an environmental lawyer and the president of the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper. “If our case motivates regulators to pay more attention to the impacts of big projects on our waterways, then we could not have asked for a better outcome.”

Darlington, Ont. is roughly 38 miles north of Niagara County’s Olcott Beach in the United States.

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