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Letter: America must revise immigration policies

America must revise immigration policies

One needs to look no further than two recent unrelated articles in the same edition of The News to confirm the absence of intelligent policy and lawmaking choices by our leaders in government at all levels and on both sides of the aisle.

The first article, from the Associated Press, relates to the immigration status of students receiving education at the expense and burden of the taxpayer. It states: “The Justice and Education Departments issued new guidance reminding schools and districts that they have a legal obligation to enroll every student regardless of immigration status. The guidance also reminds them not to ask about a student’s immigration status or require documents such as a driver’s license, if that would prevent a student from enrolling because of a parent’s immigration status.”

A second local news story tells of Eshaal Ahmad, a 4-year-old girl who came from Pakistan to receive a life-saving surgery performed at no taxpayer cost due to the generosity of Dr. Adnan H. Siddiqui, doctors from Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, Gates Vascular Institute and I’m sure many others. The operation was a success and a life was saved. A heartwarming human-interest story exemplifying the good in mankind. Until you read that the government, in its infinite wisdom, denied Eshaal a visa not once, but twice, before she was finally granted a visa on her third request.

Let me get this straight. Illegal immigrants are granted protection, anonymity and a free taxpayer-paid education. But a 4-year-old girl legally attempting to enter the United States for a free, life-saving operation is twice denied. This is why I believe we, as a nation, must examine our course and begin to change leadership at all levels for the good of these United States of America.

Bernie Kotarski


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