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Some thoughts and notes on the Brazen-Faced Varlets production of “The Anastasia Trials in The Court of Women.” Read the four-star review of the play from Gusto here.

A note from the play program: “The Brazen-Faced Varlets” is a feminist, thespian troupe that challenges, provokes and delights to inspire artistic growth.”

More words from Emma Goldman, appearing in poster form on a Rust Belt wall: “It takes less mental effort to condemn than to think.” Jury instructions.

Actresses Marissa Caruso and Sophia Howes are new to the BFV; they are invaluable additions.

“The Anastasia Trials in The Court of Women” may be the BFV’s swan song at Rust Belt Books. The peripatetic troupe has outgrown the spartan space.

– Ted Hadley

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