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Town of Newstead approves cable contract renewal

Three public hearings were announced at the Town of Newstead town board meeting Monday, one of which was the Time Warner Cable contract renewal approved that evening.

In the preceding weeks, the town board has been at work bargaining and reviewing a new version of the Time Warner Cable contract for Newstead. Supervisor David Cummings noted that the current contract has been “expired for many months” and that he and town clerk, Dawn Izydorczak, had overseen the omission and addition of a few key nuances.

One resident, Linda Jackson of Quarry Hill estates in Newstead, was quick to speak when the contract’s approval was entertained. Newstead, Jackson said, “is 11 miles from Buffalo and 55 miles from Rochester, yet we still pay Rochester prices.” She added: “That’s nearly $50 more.”

Currently, the Town of Newstead is part of a conglomerate regional contract that binds them to Rochester in Time Warner Cable’s billing system. Supervisor Cummings addressed the issue, noting that Akron and Alden were “in the same boat” and that he would, down the line, “try to get together collectively” with their governments to address the situation. The “switch over is costly,” he added.

The additional public hearings will be held May 27 at the Newstead Town Hall. They will address two outstanding property issues. The first is a rezoning approval for Niagara Specialty Metals, Inc. for the construction of a 6,400-square-foot storage facility at 12600 Clarence, declaring it an I-2 zone.

Councilman Don York spoke on the site plan, saying that approval would “encourage business and positive growth in the community.”

The final proposition is for the adoption of Local Law #3, the “Rezoning of Real Property and Zoning Map Amendment.” This amendment will change the residential and commercial zoning of Newstead Properties, LLC, and affiliate of company MGA. The new industrial, I-1 zoning will allow for future expansion of the business, which says it will preserve bordering wet lands and farmlands for the community without tax break.

“We’ve always appreciated MGA and look forward to a continued relationship with the company,” Supervisor Cummings said.

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