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It seems unfair to force Sterling to sell Clippers

To say Donald Sterling’s racist statements were unacceptable is an understatement. But I’m not sure his ownership of the L.A. Clippers can actually be taken away from him in our democratic, free-market society. A radical white racist can own anything he wants. Nobody told Nevada rancher Clive Bundy to sell his beef. As Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said, it’s a slippery slope for something Sterling said in his own home behind closed doors.

To be sure, the fans can, and should, exercise their prerogative of not purchasing his products, i.e., game tickets and viewing games on TV, making his ownership not profitable. The NBA owners can encourage him to drop out of their “club.” And the sanctions NBA Commissioner Adam Silver levied on Sterling were absolutely called for.

But to strip him of his ownership or “make” him sell the team, as fanatical as it sounds, might not be right in our society. I’m interested in how other reader comments can change my mind.

Jeff Miller


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