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Letter: Courteous behavior sorely lacking today

Courteous behavior sorely lacking today

Baby boomers, unite! If our parents were the Greatest Generation – and they were – we should be known as the Generation Raised Right.

Bob O’Connor’s My View on May 4 was true, true, true. You could make a list from here to Jupiter citing countless acts of selfishness, thoughtlessness and outrageously rude behavior in our society today. People say and do whatever they want, whenever they want.

But the hilarious descriptions of rude behavior in theaters that he highlighted were so right on, and so funny, I had tears in my eyes from laughing. And by the way, that is the proper way to make yourself heard and voice your disapproval – in a light-hearted, non-aggressive and intelligent manner, which leaves no doubt what the issue is, and what the simple solution can be.

We baby boomers were raised right; the Greatest Generation taught us well. May we all learn the lesson to sit down quickly, turn off all mobile devices and keep your comments to yourself when you’re in a public theater.

Liz D’Amato


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