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Letter: Americans should reject efforts to restrict voting

Americans should reject efforts to restrict voting

One could have thought that with our country’s changes in demographics, even the most reactionary among Republicans would examine their values as expressed by their policies and make some concessions to humanistic considerations. These may have included the acceptance of the Affordable Care Act, a less regressive system of taxation, a minimum wage increase, a reasonable approach to our broken immigration policies and a realization that in a country as rich as ours, millions of people should not have to choose between food and medical care.

Instead, what states dominated by a Republican majority have done is to pass voting regulations that admittedly will decrease participation by those who traditionally vote Democrat.

While voter registration, as long as provisions are made to facilitate it, can be rationalized, what cannot be is limiting voting days’ access, especially on those days minorities have traditionally gone to the voting booths. Unfortunately, this is exactly what is happening where there is a Republican majority. Which means that if Republicans can make a case for voter registration, by adding other vote-impeding obstacles they reveal their real agenda: to win elections no matter how fraudulently. I hope Americans will see through this and help to relegate this new Republican Party to the oblivion it so richly deserves.

Andre Toth


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