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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions


• 4074 Ridge Road, Robbins Ridgeview Restaurant Inc.; Scott D. Robbins to Sar I Inc., $50,471.


• River Road, Virginia W. McKenzie to Henry L. Sandonato; Carol L. Sandonato, $305,000.

• Hewitt Parkway & Fort Gray Drive, Diana M. Palumbo; Christine Palumbo; Frank J. Palumbo to Kenneth W. Vick; Michelle L. Marcotte, $225,000.

• Annover Road, Claudine M. Celeste; Edward R. Carlo; Claudine M. Carlo to William E. Varney, $158,500.

• Hewitt Drive, Guy E. Bender; Robert L. Bender to Victoria M. Cappellazo, $117,000.


• Lincoln Ave., Matthew K. Hurtgam to Charlotte J. Booth, $102,000.

• 571 & 589 Walnut St., Mary Melinda White-Mayer; Mary Melinda White; David R. Pfalzgraf to SERV Niagara; Kids Breaking Free Foundation Inc, $80,000.

• East Ave., Mario M. Dalfonso; Katherine L. Dalfonso to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $72,000.

• Charlotte St., Thomas K. Bancroft; Vanessa R. Patterson-Bancroft to Easton S. Burke; Cynthia C. Burke, $56,000.

• High St. & Waterman St., Mary Melinda White-Mayer; David R. Pfalzgraf; Mary Melinda White to Samantha Ubiles; Samantha Slocum, $45,000.

• Spalding St., Patricia Stodolka; Mark J. Stodolka to Kristopher Pratt, $25,000.


• Royal Parkway South, John R. Stadler; Megan A. Stadler; Megan A. Dean to Natasha M. Calato, $124,000.

• Old Beattie Road, Joe P. Castanon to Renee K. Moran, $106,383.

• Locust St. Extension, Frances Schyve to Leah Manchester; Todd E. Manchester, $71,000.

• Upper Mountain Road & Gothic Hill Road, Colleen Ann Mathews; Randall D. Hodge to James E. Ferington; Jan E. Ferington, $25,000.

• Gothic Hill Road, Colleen Ann Mathews; Randall D. Hodge; Pauline B. Gardea; Colleen Mathews; Nick E. Gardea to James E. Ferington; Jan E. Ferington, $22,000.

• 5431 Old Saunders Settlement Road, County of Niagara to Town of Lockport, $10,000.


• Ellicott Road, Joseph T. Dilorenzo to Tricia K. Denny, $170,000.

• Dale Road, Matthew J. Froman to HSBC Bank, $104,685.

• Murphy Road, Richard C. Wasik to Beverly J. Seitz; Michael D. Seitz, $13,000.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $98,892 Average price: $48,255 Median price: $45,589 Number of Sales: 14

• 1107 85th St., Elizabeth Grimmer; James P. Grimmer to Beal Bank SSB, $98,892.

• 99th St., Michael R. Boorum to Andrew C. Atkinson, $91,000.

• Orchard Parkway, Christopher M. Finitz to Gordon G. Stewart III, $82,500.

• Hyde Park Blvd., Munadel S. Rizek to Mahmoud Ahmad Assaf, $65,000.

• 1126 Haeberle Ave., USA Homes Properties to Yaniv Swissa, $49,500.

• 2905 Weston Ave., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Joseph Gervasi, $48,000.

• 555 27th St., Marc J. Golda to PHH Mortgage Corp., $47,678.

• 157 69th St., Cindy Wynkoop; Ernest M. Robbins to Suntrust Mortgage Inc., $43,500.

• 809 19th St., WNY Realty to V Leno Peseyie-Maase, $37,900.

• Haeberle Ave., Dora Properties to USA Homes Properties, $35,000.

• Pine Ave., Mary K. Gray to Ruth J. Meyers; David B. Meyers, $33,000.

• 12th St., Mary E. Piotrzkowski; Kathleen A. Doyle; George I. Dooher; John W. Dooher; Peter J. Dooher; Elizabeth A. Dicamillo to Equity Trust Co.; Kevin Seaman, $21,000.

• Independence Ave., Beatrice M. Linton; Robert B. Linton Jr.; Pamela J. Tweed to Kevlola Llc, $16,000.

• 9th St. & Niagara St., Kim Poh Chong; Len Wah Chong to NSM Enterprises, $6,600.


• Walck Road, Carousel Woods Llc to Edgewood Haven of WNY, $553,100.

• Ward Road & Oliver St., Ida Runge to Christine M. Milazzo, $58,000.

• Witmer Road, Betty A. Holovics; William J. Holovics to Brandon Penque, $50,000.

• Division St. & Thompson St., Walter R. Miller; Judith K. Miller to Ruth Ann Zmuda, $36,000.

• Orchard Place & Division St., City of North Tonawanda to Gary D. Wingrove, $36,000.


• Killian Road, Shawn Warthling; Jennifer L. Warthling to Connie A. Weiss; Regis A. Weiss Jr., $210,000.

• Paddock Ridge & Rolling Meadow, Marlene Mott; Jeffrey Allen Mott; Jeffrey A. Mott to Randall James Faustin; Kendra A. Faustin, $189,950.

• Paddock Ridge & Rolling Meadow, Maryann E. Kontras to Randall James Faustin; Kendra A. Faustin, $189,950.

• Bear Ridge Road, Robert Irving Thomson; Sharon A. Niezgoda; Darlene A. Brooks; Lynn Marie Hall; Robert I. Thomson; Karen P. Kudla to Wayne C. Worthington; Kristina L. Worthington, $167,500.


• Ward Road, Earl Scott Erwin; Joann L. Erwin to Astrid Ujeski; Michael Ujeski, $100,000.


• Ontario St., Gary A. Stockman; Linda M. Power; Philip I. Power; Kathleen A. Stockman to Robert C. Laude; Krista L. Ulrich-Laude, $120,000.

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